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HY33 (6.5ml) LED Lip Gloss Bottle


LED Lip Gloss - HY33
Product Information
Capacity: 6.5ml
Dimension: 106.5 x 18.5 x 18.5 mm,
Cap : 36.2 mm
LED light: 2 pieces
Battery: 3 pieces
Battery lifespan: 40 hours lasting 

Product Material
Bottle : AS
Applicator : POM
Cap : ABS
Wiper : TPE
Screw : ABS

LED lip gloss HY33 contain has 6.5ml.
This one is the twist switch LED light.
The LED light shining when you twist the cap
If you need twist switch LED light container,
HY33 is the best choice.

Product Feature
Lighting lip gloss
Click the button to switch LED on/off
One mirror build-in bottle
Easy to make up in the darkness.